Remember WSHE, 103.5-FM, the legendary radio station that rocked South Florida for 25 years?

They're  Thundering All-Over  The Internet!

"SHE 103," as the station was known on the FM dial is really gone this time.
SHE teased listeners in 2012, returning briefly to the FM dial with classic rock and pop hits from the 1970s to today.

But in the spring, the station became Variety, switching to '80s, '90s and contemporary hits — and now it's jamming to a whole new beat: The Beat, to be exact, with an urban playlist of hip-hop and R&B.

It's enough to make listeners wonder: Just what is SHE now?

"It definitely appears that 103.5 on a fading FM dial is searching for a solid brand identity,'' said Kimberly Taylor, an associate marketing professor at Florida International University.

Taylor listened to the original WSHE, which played the likes of Van Halen, Aerosmith and The Eagles, and remembers the old "Shes Only Rock'n Roll" stickers that decorated cars, stereos and public places throughout South Florida.
Newspaper stories at the time reported public outrage from loyal listeners when the station changed from old-fashioned rock to alternative lighter rock in the mid-1990s.

Taylor said she can understand why the station tried to court those former fans back last year when it brought back the WSHE name, "but the best guess is that most people of the age to have listened to that music ... have perhaps moved on from traditional music radio now."  "There are just so many other options," she added.  "Whether it is satellite radio with entire stations dedicated to the '80s or '90s, or The Grateful Dead or Springsteen or whomever, or talk radio, or even cars which easily sync the driver's own preferred music from his or her iPods or phones.

For the truly die-hard "SHE-heads," there are two local websites ( and that carry the rock format of the original station. The terrestrial station has had a schizophrenic relationship with South Florida radio for almost two decades, as it flipped back and forth between old and new formats, including, even, Spanish pop for a while.

The latest format is exactly the album rock the station name and programming that ran from 1972 to 1995.

Currently; WSHE Radio has dominated the internet,taking back thousands of its former SHE103FM listeners.

Familiar DJ voices like, Steve Stansell, Sonny Fox, Randy Thomas and Mitch Phillips belt out across the globe, also attracting both old and newcomers.

WSHE had many continued inquiries from listeners asking about a return to the format — after identifying a music lane through intensive research.